“The Muppets”


When my friends or readers ask me straight up, “What movie should I see,” I continually answered, throughout the holiday season, “The Muppets.”


Those who continually scream that there not enough true “family” movies must have missed this one – a sort of “Sunset Boulevard” for the family.  The plot, quite clever, actually, has the Muppets re grouping after many years to save their former studios from an evil tyrant.  The movie is told with a real can do spirit and is full of love and goodwill.  And, on top of it all, the picture is a musical, one of the true rare birds of modern movies.


Now comes the blu ray, straight from Disney, and the result is nothing less than stunning..the colors pop right off the screen and the digital sound makes it sound as though you’re in a Hollywood mixing session.  This is probably the greatest blu ray experience I’ve had.


Extras are multiple and wonderful – as are all from the Disney studio home video.


Do yourself and your family a favor and purchase your own copy today.


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