The Beetle Bottle

“Inspired by a beetle,
He built a water bottle,
In the race to commercialize,
Begins the beetle bottle battle.”

–icosahedron, The Next Web

Deckard Sorensen, the co-founder of NBD Nano, just developed a water bottle that fills and filters itself from straight air.  The concept of the self-filling water bottle isn’t entirely a new one, either.  Its design was inspired by the Namib Desert Beetle, which gathers water in the insanely dry desert by perching itself facing the direction that the wind is heading.  Water condenses on the beetle’s back, and it stores the water for later.

In the same fashion as the Namib Desert Beetle, Sorensen lined the intake of this water bottole with a hydrophilic and a hydrophobic coating.  With a constant wind, this bottle gathers water consistently.  NBD is currently working on perfecting this bottle, which could potentially provide third-world countries with fresh water where it’s difficult to acquire.

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